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Mineral water

Here at Sunny Bank Health Resort and Spa we use healing mineral water from local sources for prevention and treatment of some diseases. Water is pumped into the surface from the wells, which are located on the territory of the hotel.

The resort has 4 types of water:
• mineral  water from depths of Jurassic period
(humic hydro-chloride and chloride-bicarbonate-sulfate humic);
• mineral  water from depths of trias period (chloride
sodium drinking water, sodium chloride mineral water for external procedures).

Different in composition and properties of water it was named "Alexandrovskaya".

According  the conclusion of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery mineral water of Jurassic period can be used in the treatment of stomach, duodenum and the urinary tract. Mineral water  of trias period is recommended for diseases of the esophagus, gastritis, colitis and hepatitis as well as for outdoor use in diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, diseases of skin, gums, gynecological and urological diseases.

Sodium chloride potable water "Alexandrovskaya  №1 / 340"
Mineral water is pumped from the well №2, at the depth 336-347 m, refers to "Minsk" type.

Mineral water is of sodium chloride composition, average mineralization 5.1 g / dm3, with alkaline reaction (pH - 8.76) with no specific properties and the components. The content of active bromine component - 4.79 mg / dm3.This water is recommended: inflammation of esophagus, chronic gastritis, chronic inflammation of the intestine and the gallbladder.Mineral drinking hydro-chloride humic water.

"Alexandrovskaya  №2 / 200"
Mineral water is pumped from the well №22 / 1,at the depth of 191-202 m, belongs to the class of weakly mineralized (mineralization 1.0 g / dm3), slightly alkaline pH - 8.6. Organic components, including humic acid are 32.1 mg / dm3. The closest analogue of mineral water is "NAFTYSIA."

This water is recommended:

1.When the water temperature is 18-25C chronic diseases of liver, pancreas, kidney and urinary tract, metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout, obesity), diseases of stomach of all types of secretion.
2. When the water temperature is 38-42C, it is recommended for reducing the increased motility of the stomach and intestines, reduces spasms, reduces the secretion of stomach.

Chloride-bicarbonate-sulfate humic mineral drinking water "Alexandrovskaya” №3 / 260".

Mineral water is pumped from the well №22, at the depth of 249-262 m, belongs to the class of low-mineralized (mineralization 2.0 g / dm3), slightly alkaline pH - 8.3. The organic components including humic acid - 29.8 mg / dm3.

This water is recommended: at chronic diseases of the intestine, stomach, liver, kidney and chronic lung disease.

Sodium chloride water for external procedures "Alexandrovskaya” №4 / 500".

Mineral water is pumped from the well from the  well №20, at the depth - 496-505 m. At balneotherapeutic classification it is  characterized as a brine composition of sodium chloride with mineralization of 36.5 g / m3, PN - 6.95.

For external balneo procedures the water is prepared by diluting with the brine of heated fresh water with a salinity of 20-27,0 g / l.
The content of the biologically active ingredient  bromine in the test water is 27.97 mg / l.

This water is recommended: diseases of the cardiovascular system, spine, musculoskeletal, central and peripheral nervous system, skin diseases, gynecological diseases.