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Main spheres of treatment are rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of diseases:

• digestive organs;
• respiratory;
• musculoskeletal system;
• the cardiovascular system;
• the central and peripheral nervous systems;
• skin.

Highly qualified specialists give consultations: physiotherapist, acupuncture therapist, neurologist, urologist, gynecologist, doctors of functional and ultrasound diagnostics, otolaryngologist, dentist.

For further diagnosis the following methods are used:

Laboratory diagnostics (general blood test, urine analysis, biochemical blood tests);
• electro acupuncture diagnostics (device "Lintai");
• functional diagnostics:

  • ultrasound investigations of heart, blood vessels, abdominal cavity organs, joints, mammary glands, thyroid gland;
  • electrocardiography;
  • reoentsefalogramma;
  • rheovasography;
  • spirograph.

All kinds of studies are carried out with mandatory consultation of the specialist.

Natural factors of treatment

Climate therapy:

The following methods are used with therapeutic and prophylactic purpose: air therapy, heliotherapy (equipped beach).


The use of mineral water in the medical purposes:

1. Drinking mineral water
2. Intracavitary irrigation
3. Baths.                    

Mud therapy:

In the resort Spa hotel there used:

Ferrous sulphide mud (Saki);

Sapropels (Lake Wild Belarus);

In large applications (filling), local applications using the Fango-kitchen (made in Germany), intracavitary filling, the injection of a mud solution with the help of electrophoresis.


One of the unique natural healing methods at Sunny Bank Health Resort and Spa is naphthalantherapy.

Naftalan (heavy oil in its original form, devoid of light fractions) has a high content of naphthenic acids. Oil is applied to skin and then oiled areas are heated with the special lamp that imitates sunlight - "solux." This kind of procedure has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect; it is prescribed to patients with diseases of spine, joints, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels and skin, as well as with autoimmune diseases.


The following types of baths are offered to the guests: sea, bromine, aromatic (valerian), carbonic, Jacuzzi, medicine, mixed (coniferous, turpentine, herbal, humic).

Hydrotherapy is also represented by vibrating baths ("Laguna", whirlpool), shower (rising, circular, jet douche, fan, rain, Vichy).


Holiday makers in Sunny Bank Health Resort have the opportunity to visit the imitation of a real salt cave.

Halotherapy method is based on your staying in an artificially created microclimate of salt caves. Being in halochamber is effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases, chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, ENT diseases and hay fever and skin diseases.

The dosage climate therapy:

The resort Spa hotel offers air therapy (air bath), heliotherapy (sunbathing - in summer), hydrotherapy (water bath), thalassotherapy (swimming pool with sea salt).

Massage therapy:

For each disease there is its own massage technique, which depends on disease and its clinical forms.

Sunny Bank offers the following types of massage:

• manual;
• underwater shower massage;
• vibration and whirlpool;
• urological;
• apparatus massage (beds  Nuga Best, Takasima, chair);
• vacuum massage.

 Traction therapy:

Among the methods of traction therapy in the resort Spa hotel it is possible to have the sessions of underwater traction, horizontal traction (device "Eltrak"), as well as  the spinal simulator "Swing Machine" and traction system "Detenzor."


Therapeutic exercise involves several areas:

• physiotherapy (group or individual);
• gymnastics in the pool;
• exercise therapy in the swimming pool with sea salt;
• health path;
• mechanotherapy (trainers).

There are all the conditions for the treatment of movement in the resort Spa hotel - a spacious gym with modern equipment and a hall of strictly dosed physiotherapy exercises on a background of proper breathing. Stress during treatment sessions are determined by individual approach and always governed by the instructor. 

Mini sauna therapy

To clean out the body and to avoid of toxins and environmental hazards we offer our guests to visit saunas, including express mini sauna "Cedar barrel" and a Turkish bath.


Here we use plant or plant applications, aromatherapy, plant bath, as well as water drinking treatment. The cozy resort phytobar offers more than twenty herbal mixes with various effects and oxygen cocktails.

 Innovative methods of medical health technologies:

 In Sunny Bank Health Resort and Spa progressive methods of treatment are represented by spa capsule and the capsule “Sunspectra”.

This method is based on the simultaneous use of thermotherapy, light, monochrome color, vibration massage, aromatherapy and inhalation of ionized air combined with music therapy.


 In the resort Spa hotel among the main areas of therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine there are:

  • extremely high frequency therapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • bioelectromagnetic energy regulation therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • pneumatic compressor therapy;
  • electrical stimulation of the lymphatic system;
  • Pulse electrotherapy;
  • DC;
  • High-frequency electrotherapy;
  • laser therapy.